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I'm Kyle Burton and I can help make your next big thing a success.My track record as an experienced marketer, connector, and sales leader has been highlighted by building winning partnerships and attracting international attention — all whilst being exceedingly passionate about deep-tech innovations that lead to massive impact.

Applications and Industries 
Ocean/clean technologyOffsets, obligations, ITB's
GovernmentDefence and military
Start-upsNon-traditional media, podcasting
Export developmentHigher education

How to work together:

Building a trusted working relationship starts with getting to know each other. Go grab some time to chat informally and book an intro meeting.Engagements often start with a short, personal workshop where we can create clarity around both the problem and solution in a short space of time. These workshops often springboard into larger ongoing retainers and project-based engagements.

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Thanks for reaching out. Feel free to connect directly if your inquiry is urgent — hello@kyleburton.ca / +1 902 877 7562